Ruth Baines in Icy Blue

Is it love? Is it passion? Is it obsession? Is it stalking?
Join Isabelle on her comedic flight to find her bliss.

Created & Performed by Ruth Baines
Sound Design, Technical Assistance & Photography by Arlo C. Bates
Directed by Jolie Lesparance
Voice Work by Justin Deeley
Costume by Norma Lachance
Runtime: 60 minutes

"I'm the victim of forbidden love."

Ruth Baines in Icy Blue

"I hear that Airport security is better so what could go wrong?"

Ruth Baines in Icy Blue

"Oh, Prince of Passion who sends shivers down my spine,
Forever will our souls be entwined."

Ruth Baines in Icy Blue

Edmonton Fringe Festival - From Fringe With Love
August 15-25/2013
Venue #1 Westbury Theatre
10330 84 Avenue (northwest corner of Arts Barn)
Sunday August 18, 2013   12:15 PM
Monday August 19, 2013   2:15 PM
Tuesday August 20, 2013   4:30 PM
Thursday August 22, 2013   12:00 PM
Friday August 23, 2013   8:30 PM
Saturday August 24, 2013   10:30 PM

...some beautiful aerial routines ... Baines plays Isabelle, a charming if not slightly off-kilter woman harbouring a serious romantic obsession… Baines' work on the silks was impressive - it's a shame there wasn't more of it.
Jen Zoratti, Uptown July 2010

Baines creates lovely visual images, suspended 10 feet above the stage, wrapped in a white cloth and straining her muscles in ghostly sculpture.
Mike O'Brien, CBC July 2010

You have to admire her skill as she entwines herself in the stretchy silks for circus-style aerial tricks…
Alison Mayes, Winnipeg Free Press, July 18, 2010

Ms. Baines became one of four certified Gryotonic instructors in Winnipeg. Gyrotonic is a fitness system similar to Pilates that is very circular and three dimensional in its movement patterns and takes breathing to a whole new level. Gryotonic has rejuvenated Ms. Baines spine making it feel ten years younger. Thus making Aerial Dance even more fun to perform.

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