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Common Acoustical Problems

calib-ear.jpg - 2810 BytesYou may be just browsing, or you may have a real acoustical or sound system problem that you're looking for help with. Often it is hard to put a name to the problem when you don't know the jargon. To help you with that problem we have a number of demonstration sound files of various common acoustical and sound system problems that will help you in describing your problem to us when you contact us. We have several available in .wav, downloadable Real Audio 3.0+ .ra and MP3 formats. The .wav files will play on Windows platforms, the Real Audio files require the Real Audio player, and a multitude of MP3 players are available from The RealAudio files are downloadable rather than real-time streaming .ra files because that allowed us to encode them with the best 16kHz stereo bandwidth, but don't sweat it, they are really small compared to the .wav files. The MP3 files are also very compact and have minimal distortion.

QSound logo and link These files are also QSound encoded to help put you inside the virtual acoustic environment, and the best news is you need nothing more than a pair of ears to decode that.

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