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Barry McKinnonBarry R. McKinnon is a principal and a senior consultant. He had been in the sound contracting field since 1976, and then made the move to consulting in 1991. He brings with him a broad background including: on-air and production radio technician with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, plus 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of sound reinforcement, production, and recording systems in various sizes of venues. Loudspeaker design and measurement are a specialty of his, having spent several years developing and manufacturing speaker systems for both portable use and permanent installations with the aid of the TEF analyser.

He is also a graduate of SYN-AUD-CON's sound system design, TEF analysis, and Advanced Measurement courses, and has attended many other technology application courses. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and has presented and chaired forums and sessions at the NSCA conferences.

As a senior consultant in A/V system design, Barry has worked on a broad variety of venues and applications. He has done system designs for council chambers, lecture theatres, video conference facilities, churches, arenas, outdoor voice warning systems, outdoor sports and entertainment grandstands, high-end home theatre systems, corporate facilities and other more unusual projects. The video systems have covered an extensive range: from desktop flat panel LCD display systems to large scale front or rear screen projection systems, with inputs ranging from computer graphics, cameras, DVD,s VCR's, video hard drive recorder/players and other video sources. He has integrated robotic camera systems into presentation systems, as well as streaming media capabilities for intranet and internet applications.

He has written for several US based and International trade publications, including Systems Contractor News, Pro Sound News, Sound & Video Contractor, Sound & Communication, Recording Engineer & Producer, Live Sound, Studio Sound and other magazines over the years. He also authored one of the seminal works about live sound in the late 1970's.

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Marcel SchoenenbergerMarcel Schoenenberger is a principal and a senior consultant. Marcel joined the firm with thirteen years experience of Audio Visual system consulting, design & integration in Switzerland, Canada and worldwide. In his career his responsibilities have involved the design and integration of high performance video, audiovisual, broadcast video and control systems for broadcast studios, corporate boardrooms, control rooms, educational facilities, courtrooms, high end home theatres as well as the design & configuration of temporary systems setups for major conventions, conferences, high-end sports events and feature cinema movie productions.

His experience in state-of-the-art performance systems provides a key advantage for creative integration of aesthetics and visual requirements for a wide variety of applications. Understanding the physics and engineering aspects underlying successful system design allows Marcel to develop innovative and creative solutions to the challenges of performance requirements, visual impact, and budget resources.

Marcel uses specialized computer software for the development and analysis of project designs. His experience in video signal processing & display technology analysis allows for detailed evaluation of system performance, and final verification of calibration to assure specified systems parameters are met.

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Dave HewsonDave Hewson is a consultant with over twenty years experience in IT, telecommunications, and videoconferencing. Dave has been designing, building, and using integrated boardroom and theatre A/V systems since 1994.

Dave began his IT career building and networking high-end CAD workstations and servers for corporate clients throughout B.C. He then moved to Electronic Arts (Canada), where as the senior technician he was responsible for over $1.5M of integrated A/V systems, including world-wide videoconferencing and touch panel designs worldwide.

From 2003 to 2006, Dave worked for a Vancouver systems design and integration firm, and as their programmer-integrator he used his extensive A/V experience to improve the design of the integrated A/V systems being installed in both corporate and high-end residential systems. His extensive experience in support and operation of A/V systems allowed him to quickly troubleshoot existing installations, implement improvements, and increase reliability and ease of use in critical systems. Dave's system design and control system programming included Wi-Fi touch panels, web-enabled control systems, and IP-based videoconferencing.

Dave has obtained certifications from Tandberg (videoconferencing), Crestron (control system programming), and Infocomm (Certified Technology Specialist), Extron for their advanced video and audio products, and SYN-AUD-CON for sound system operator and design training to increase his technical knowledge in audio and acoustics.

Dave's extensive experience in support and operation of A/V installations allow him to provide clients with completed systems that meet their needs and expectations.

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Wade McGregor, one of the founding partners, has retired.

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