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Mc Squared System Design Group, Inc. is an independent consulting firm providing sound system design, audio/video presentation system design and acoustical design services throughout the world from our North Vancouver office. We are not associated with any sales firm and do not sell any products or systems, our only business is consulting. We are focused on designing the most effective technical solution for the users' needs and then successfully integrating that solution into the architectural environment. cheap go to under $63 artisans pros fully commited. the original source are very perfect in our online store.

McSquared System Design Group, Inc. was formed in 1997 when BKL Consultants reorganized and the Systems Design group left to start a separate consulting firm that focused on systems design, performance acoustics and 3D acoustical computer modeling. McSquared has many years of system design experience gained on projects completed during the BKL years.

Sound and video systems are used in lecture theatres, videoconference suites, city council chambers, corporate or government training facilities, as well as retail or museum multimedia displays... any place where people need to be entertained, educated, or must communicate more effectively. All this technology must be integrated into the architectural and acoustical environment to work effectively. This is our role, to assist the design team in bringing the technology and the environment together into a functional whole, while maintaining the architectural vision of the designer.

An independent consultant represents good value when a significant capital investment is required in sound or video systems. Because we have no vested interest in selling particular equipment or systems, we are able to recommend and specify the products that offer the best performance for the cost. We are also able to take the time to identify the detailed requirements of the systems so that the client doesn't have to worry about being over or under sold for their applications. We also provide objective sign-off criteria for system performance and installation so that the client can be satisfied that the equipment performs as required before final payment is made. In competitive bid situations, the average bid price will be lower than a similar design/build proposal since much of the ground work has been done for the contractor.

We have a separate page with more information on the process of working with a consultant.

Mc Squared System Design Group, Inc Mc Squared System Design Group, Inc
323 - 901 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver, BC. V7P 3P9   Ph 604-986-8181
116-5100 Anderson Way, Vernon, BC V1T 0C4   Ph 604-986-8181
403 - 1240 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB. T2N 3P7   Ph 403-452-2263
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