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Abbotsford Ice Experience

abtsfrd.jpg - 19.5 K

The Abbotsford Ice Experience is a large wooden structure ice arena, combining an Olympic size ice surface with an attached small public skating rink. The sound system combines zone paging with separately operable sound systems for the two ice surfaces. The Public skate area can have foreground music playing while a hockey game can be going on in the main ice arena. A separate speaker system over the bleachers provides good intelligibility even in the presence of the high background noise levels that can be generated by a hockey game. The location over the bleachers also ensures that the first few seating rows receive intelligible sound. In centre cluster systems, the high glass above the hockey boards will shadow two or three rows of the "best seats", the ones close to the action. A separately zoned ice surface system provides coverage for public skating, hockey games and figure skating.

This project was done while we worked for BKL Consultants between 1991 and 1997.

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