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City of Kelowna
Council Chamber

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We provided A/V system design services for the City of Kelowna Council Chamber AV system upgrade.

Due to the limited ceiling height we couldn't make use of any projection system for visual displays so we designed a system that uses ceiling-hung 65" high-resolution plasma monitors for the gallery and council, capable of displaying XGA computer resolution and HD video.

The audio system uses ceiling loudspeakers for the council, and gallery. The Clerk has the use of a touch screen to operate the audio and video system. The system also features a desktop video copystand for documents at the staff and public presentation desks, and a VCR/DVD for video playback. The audio system is video-conference ready only requiring a video codec to integrate the audio and video send and receive capabilities. The video presentation feeds are available to Shaw Cable, allowing them to be incorporated into their meeting coverage. The presentation images are sent to the ceiling-hung monitors as well as the 15" LCD computer monitors at the presenter desks.

AV Contractor: PJS Systems, New Westminster, BC

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