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Theatre Acoustics

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The acoustical characteristics of a venue for the live performance of music or drama are an important part of the audience experience. For music performance, the room becomes part of the instrument, helping define the character of the musical sound that the audience hears. Whether it is a symphony hall, or an intimate chamber music venue, careful attention to detail in the acoustical design ensures that the audience can hear every subtle nuance of the performance, and feel like part of the live experience. A drama theatre has a different, but no less critical need for acoustical design. The theatre must be able to deliver all the subtle nature of a stage whisper to every seat, and do so with all the variables of sets, curtains, lighting and props. Our design services for live performance spaces include control of reverberation time, shaping of surfaces to promote useful reflections, and design of both speech and music reinforcement, and recording/production systems, where required.

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Centre Cluster
Balcony only
Cluster + Balcony

For a diverse range of examples of live performance venues, see the Timms Centre for the Performing Arts, The Muttart Recital Hall and the Maple Ridge Bandstand.

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