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City of Richmond
Council Chambers

view from the Mayor's desk

The newly constructed Richmond council chamber was designed by a joint venture of architects Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg from Toronto and Hotson Bakker Architects from Vancouver, and we developed the A/V system design. The room has a video presentation system with two rear projection screens, high brightness LCD video projectors , 15" LCD Flat screen computer monitors mounted in the mayor/council and staff desks for display of all video-based presentation materials.

Video sources include computer presentations that can be sourced from the presenter's positions, staff positions, and the clerk or manager's positions, a video document camera, and a VCR. The audio system uses miniature directional shotgun microphones and a mix-minus loudspeaker configuration for the desks, plus an auto-mix buss for the ceiling speakers in the public gallery area. The press desks have audio distribution of the mix, as does the Shaw Cable TV coverage. There is an integrated robotic camera system in the chamber with the control room located in a small room across the foyer from the chamber manned by Shaw's cable operators, eliminating the need for a remote truck. The cable TV also gets a video feed of all presentation material, including scan converted computer presentations.

The touch screen control system allows the city clerk to operate the technical systems, room lights and window shades, and control and preview the video sources. The touch screen also operates the order-of-speaking queue. The mayor has a touch panel display that allows him to view the names in the queue and/or control the queue if desired. The order of speaking queue has indicators on each desk that let each person know when they are in the queue and when they are live. They can also drop themselves out of the queue if someone else has dealt with their issue. The room is used by several committes as well, so the system can be set for order-of-speaking operation or a free run auto-mix for conventional committee meetings.

view from press desk, with press view screen
View from the press desk

robotic camera  robotic camera  Richmond Chamber layout
Robotic cameras on columns             Chamber layout

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