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Virtual Reality and Clusters

Component cluster construction can be very difficult to visualize for the designer, the facility owner, and the sound contractor. The problem is that there is a complex inter-relationship between the devices in the cluster. The success of the design hinges on getting those relationships correct in the real world installation.

We were experimenting with VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) as a method of allowing those complex clusters to be viewed in detail, in 3D, with both the device spacing and those inter-relationships able to be seen from multiple viewpoints.

Sadly VRML is a web technology that pretty much fell flat on its butt and is pretty much an orphan now. Hi ho. Now we have to rely on CAD drawings and CAD viewers, and the ability for people to recognize 3D objects in a wireframe state.

amazon-logo.gif - 1678 Bytes Visit our reference book page for a list of recommended reading on acoustics, sound systems, loudspeakers, studio technique and construction, educational multimedia, home theatre, live theatre sound, control system programming and other relevant technical topics.
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